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”I had a new prosthesis built by Northern Prosthetics. The staff was very courteous and professional. Asked me what I wanted and what I thought needed to be changed. Instead of them telling me what I needed. Communication at Northern Prosthetics, was exceptional, Tina always called to see how I was doing, reminding me of appointments, and helping in any way, with insurance and billing questions. I first came to Northern when I was 2 years old, now I am 39 and there quality of work is still unmatched. My original doctor was Herb Schulze back 37 years ago, and it was great to see he is still here, and the happy outgoing person that I remember, since then Erich Schulze, Herb’s son, built my leg. Erich was truly great to work with; made sure I was satisfied with product, in any way he could. I am a really active person, I work out, play sports, and the new prosthesis has surpassed my expatiations, very durable and comfortable. I would like to thank the entire staff at Northern Prosthetics, for a great product, and professionalism everyone deserves thanks.”

Scott Sigafus


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