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Our commitment to personalized care extends beyond the initial fitting of prosthetic or orthotic devices. We provide ongoing support, adjustments, and maintenance to ensure that our patients achieve their mobility goals and enjoy a better quality of life. Our compassionate team is dedicated to helping individuals regain independence and confidence.

At Northern Prosthetics and Orthopedic Inc., we are driven by a mission to enhance the lives of our patients through exceptional prosthetic and orthotic services, delivered with compassion and expertise.

Northern Prosthetics and Orthopedic Inc. remains at the forefront of the industry, continually exploring innovative solutions and staying updated with the latest advancements in prosthetics and orthotics. We embrace cutting-edge technologies such as 3D scanning and printing to ensure precise measurements and customized designs, ensuring that our patients receive the highest level of care and functionality.

Athlete with Amputated Leg

We design custom prosthetic solutions for all levels of lower limb loss using clinically-appropriate technology and state-of-the-art components. We use advanced materials and designs to help people with all levels of lower limb loss and limb difference regain their mobility and independence. 

At Northern Prosthetics and Orthopedic Inc., we specialize in providing upper limb prosthetic solutions for individuals like me who have experienced limb loss or limb differences. We offer a range of cutting-edge prosthetic devices and personalized services to help improve our quality of life and functionality. Our team of skilled professionals works closely with each of us to assess our unique needs, design custom prosthetics, and provide ongoing support to ensure the best possible fit and function. Whether it's a myoelectric arm, body-powered prosthesis, or other advanced prosthetic technology, we are dedicated to helping individuals  regain independence and achieve our mobility goals.

Leg Injury

At Northern Prosthetics and Orthopedic Inc., we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge orthotic solutions to improve the lives of individuals with various orthopedic needs. Our experienced orthotists work closely with each patient to create customized orthotic devices using the latest advancements in materials and technology. Whether it's spinal support, lower limb, or upper limb orthotics, we ensure a comfortable and precise fit to enhance mobility and overall well-being. Our commitment to staying current with the latest research and developments in orthotics enables us to offer the best possible solutions for our patients.

Northern Prosthetics and Orthopedic Inc. takes pride in being a leading provider of comprehensive wound care and diabetic shoe solutions, committed to improving the lives of individuals with specific foot care needs. Our dedicated team of specialists collaborates closely with patients to assess their unique conditions and deliver tailored wound care management and diabetic footwear solutions.

New Insoles

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