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We understand the unique physical, emotional, and social needs of our youngest patients. By teaming up with parents and other care providers, we work hard to deliver the best possible outcomes for each child.

We treat children with a variety of mobility and musculoskeletal conditions, from providing prosthetic devices to creating scoliosis braces and cranial-reshaping orthoses. We closely monitor progress over time, incorporating age-appropriate treatment plans and applying new, innovative technologies to ensure the best possible care throughout each child’s journey.

At Northern Prosthetics and Orthotics, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and specialized pediatric prosthetic and orthotic solutions that cater to the unique needs of children with limb differences and orthopedic conditions. Our commitment to improving the lives of young patients extends to a range of services and offerings:


Custom Pediatric Prosthetics: We understand that children's prosthetic needs are distinct, as they continue to grow and develop. We offer custom-designed pediatric prostheses that ensure a comfortable fit and support optimal function, allowing children to engage in their favorite activities with ease.

Age-Appropriate Solutions: Our team is well-versed in selecting and designing age-appropriate prosthetic and orthotic solutions. We consider the child's developmental stage and lifestyle to create devices that promote independence, mobility, and overall well-being.

Supportive and Compassionate Care: We recognize that the emotional and psychological well-being of young patients is crucial. Our compassionate team provides a supportive and nurturing environment, ensuring that children feel comfortable and at ease during their visits and throughout their journey with us.

Ongoing Adjustments and Modifications: Children's bodies change rapidly as they grow, and our team is prepared to make necessary adjustments and modifications to prosthetic and orthotic devices to ensure they remain effective and comfortable over time.

Collaboration with Pediatric Specialists: We work closely with pediatric specialists and therapists to provide a holistic approach to care. This collaborative effort ensures that children receive the best possible care and support in managing their specific conditions.

At Northern Prosthetics and Orthotics, our pediatric prosthetic and orthotic solutions are driven by a deep commitment to improving the lives of young patients. We are dedicated to helping children overcome challenges and achieve their full potential, enabling them to lead active, fulfilling lives.

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