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Prosthetics for the Animals

Prosthetic devices aren’t just for humans. The amazing technological advances of prostheses have expanded to help our four-legged friends and more. Everyone should be able to live their best life. This has enabled many animals to have a second chance at life!

A Dolphin Tale Winter is the name of a famous dolphin, although she isn’t the only puppy of the sea who has been given another chance. At three months old, Winter was tangled in a crab trap in Florida. Unfortunately, her tail could not be saved upon her rescue. As you can imagine, this impacted Winter’s ability to swim. Then, marine veterinarians joined with a human prosthesis company to create a tail perfectly designed for her. We should note that just like with humans, it took some time to find the right fit for the prosthesis to function in the way that Winter needed.

A Beak of Hope Birds have even felt the benefits of a second chance at not just movement, but life. Birds need their beaks to survive. Without them, they are unable to eat, drink or groom themselves. Beauty is a bald eagle who was hit in the beak by a bullet from a poacher. A prosthetic 3D beak was created so Beauty can thrive. Another bird who’s experienced the benefit of a 3D-printed prosthetic is a great hornbill named Jary. He received a casque after experiencing a gash caused by cancer.

A Leg Up Many animals have been helped with prosthetic limbs. Even a forty-eight-year-old elephant named Motala was able to receive a prosthetic leg after her left leg was shattered due to stepping on a landmine. It’s been great for these animals to have an option other than surgery to aid in their mobility.

Happy Feet A lizard named Hiss Majesty lost a back leg due to cancer. Experts made a model from the other foot and used a silicone socket to attach the residual leg. They have made adaptations and comfort adjustments since their first design.

We, along with many living beings, are incredibly grateful for prosthetic devices. For assistance with yours, reach out to us today. We are here to listen and help! Speak to an Expert

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